Rino Dattilo

Senior Pastor
Rino and Brenda came to South Coast back in 1991 with their 2 year old daughter. At the time SOUTHCOAST was closed, overgrown and in disrepair. Since then they have enjoyed God's blessings to see not only the church grow but their family grow. They are proud parents of 3 daughters, Justina, Emilia and Micaela. They have a passion for Jesus and the people they serve.

Shaun Hertlein

Administrative Pastor
Shaun and his wife, Monica, have been a part of SOUTHCOAST Church since 2002. They came to SOUTHCOAST expecting to stay for 6-8 months, but after getting involved with SOUTHCOAST youth first as volunteers then as the full time Youth Pastors, found themselves connected and called there. Shaun and Monica served as Youth Pastors from 2011-2021. God has continues to bless them immensely as Shaun furthers his ministry role at SOUTHCOAST as Associate Pastor. Shaun and Monica are the proud parents of 4 amazing kids who are involved in the kids and youth programs at the church.

Ariana Johnson

Staff Pastor
What do we do:  Kids Ministry (Birth-5th)  , Website, Church Database and  Church app's
Ariana’s heart for the next generation is to see a mighty move of his spirit though out his people. To teach and love His children wholeheartedly.  Ariana has served as a Pastor in many different capacities and environments since she was very young and has always sought direction from the Lord with a servants heart. She was born and raised here in Santa Barbara and served as a worship and generations pastor for 13 years in Oregon, LA county, Foursquare church and many more. She and her husband Ryan Johnson has a heart for all generations to encounter Jesus and to be forever changed by his word.

Micaela Green

Staff Pastor
What do we do:  Youth Ministry (6th-12th) and  Graphics
Micaela has been at SOUTHCOAST most of her life but did not feel the call to ministry until she returned back to Santa Barbara after living in Los Angeles where she worked for a non-profit in 2017. What began as volunteer work in the graphic design department quickly grew into an undeniable call to youth ministry. After 3 years of volunteering alongside Shaun, she accepted her role as Youth Pastor at SOUTHCOAST in 2021 while also overseeing the creative department. Since then, Micaela married her husband Jakob in the spring of 2022.